Kindle or Hard Copy? The Results

I can report that my first reading experience with my brand new kindle was mostly a  positive one. It only took a few pages before I felt totally comfortable and stopped being distracted by the fact that this object was a hard metal flat thing instead of  one which is made up of light, white, moveable pages.

The Darkest Room by Johan Theorin
on my kindle
My Little Corner of the Sky
by Kerri Dyer-Keen

The fact that it doesn’t have pages  that move, pages that turn, is definitely an advantage when you’re using a book seat. Such a bother having your book sitting neatly between the perspex and the cloth, all  nice and straight and then having to pull out the perspex, turn the page and push it back in again. One thing that did bother me was that it seemed too hard to go back and look at the map at the beginning. So I didn’t. With paper pages that is easy and I do keep referring back to maps when they appear at the beginning of a story. I like to know where events are happening. I like to know where people are. I suppose when I get used to my kindle that will be easy too.

My kindle in screen saver mode.

I do wish that there wasn’t  a forward button on each side though. I kept thinking the one of the left would take me back and would end up on the next page. Confusing.

It balanced nicely on my book seat and only fell of once or twice. Books are forever falling off – especially when I am falling asleep. Now that is a weird feeling, reading a story but actually dreaming it.

My Corner of the Sky is by Kerri Dyer-Keen, an old school mate.
I own the ebook and hard copy version.

And for those who don’t have carpal tunnel syndrome and will read without a book seat? Much better than a paper book. Very light and you don’t have to feel guilty about bending the pages back and holding with one hand. One should never do that!

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