Photos and Photoshop

Photoshop can be so much fun.  I revisited some of my mobile phone photos from my morning walks this week. These are the results. Hopefully they will develop into something else later. A painting perhaps?

Speaking of walks, I challenged myself this week to daily morning walks. I did five mornings out of five, my excuse being I walked one evening as well. Each walk was about an hour long. Today was the big one, the Bay Run, which is about 7 kms long. The rest of the afternoon was spent having fun with Photoshop. My reward!

7 thoughts on “Photos and Photoshop

  1. I'm such a procrastinator! The best I have been able to do is a personal challenge of 30 drawings in 30 days. It's almost over. It's been hard for me, because I don't like fixed things to do. 🙂 But I'm proud of this. Your photos are awesome!!

  2. BlackPumpkin- so am I! We try to trick ourselves to do thing so often! And this Artists in Blogland is so inspiring, isn't it?! 30 drawings in 30 days is certainly an achievement! Well done. And thanks for visiting.Tracey, thank you. Every time I walk past those boats I want to photograph them – it took me a few years to do it! The advantage of a lightweight phone – I still haven't managed to take my camera. I think the bottom one is my favourite too, thanks. Maybe it will be the painting. thanks for coming 🙂

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