The saga of the possum and the storm

We had a hot day here today and possums especially don’t like hot days. See him airing his tail? The only other time I saw him doing that I was panic stricken! “The poor possum”,  I thought. “The poor trapped possum”, I pondered. “The poor, dead possum”.

 I was sure it was the end for the possum and ran next door and banged on the door. “The poor possum….”. But it seems  he is the resident possum, third generation, and it is well known that he doesn’t like the heat of a  Sydney spring day.

Possum Cooling Off
Storm Approaches
Storm Arrives

I am pleased to report that the possum was soon a very happy possum and was able to return to the safety of his home due to the onset of a storm.

My cat Melody and Possum saying hello.

3 thoughts on “The saga of the possum and the storm

  1. Sure is 🙂 But they are cute – except when they run up own down on your ceiling. We were mean and shut them out. Now we hear them/it go plonk every night on the roof. I have a pic of my cat and the possum staring at each other through the glass door.

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