The New Phone and Misirlou

I bought a new phone today – nothing very fancy but definitely much better than my old one. The best part was deciding what to music to use as my ringtone. What did I choose? I chose a track from the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack, Misirlou. I love it!

The very first time I heard it was 1970 in the Piccolo Bar in Kings Cross, Sydney. Those were the days. Staying up all night (and staying OUT all night for the first time), drinking  Spanish coffees  and meeting the most interesting people a girl from the suburbs could ever imagine. And all of this sitting in a crowded, smoke-filled room chatting against a background of exotic sounds coming from the jukebox. I would be elated when someone selected Misirlou- I was a poor art student who couldn’t afford to keep dropping coins in. My other favourite? Concerto for One Voice by Saint Preux. And how could I forget dear Ozzie and Vittorio.

Piccolo Bar, Sydney. Many a time did I walk past first to check who was there (and who wasn’t). Photo. Time Out.
Piccolo Bar Interior. Famous people cover the walls. Photo. Lynnette Kornidar. Taylor Square in the Sixties.

The Piccolo Bar is still there today. Not so long ago I went back. It was (almost) the same and to my surprise, Vittorio was there and still happy to have a good talk. Later I read that the Piccolo featured in the Australian drama “Rake” so I immediately rented the video. No disappointments there either! A brilliant series.

From “Rake” Actors Richard Roxburgh and Lisa McCune

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