Giveaway and other stuff

I will be drawing the winner tomorrow for the giveaway. So if you would like a chance to win  one of four brooches, just make a comment under Giveaways. There is a link to it above.

Also I have redesigned my blog shop page thanks to suggestions from my friend Sylvia. Bigger and better pictures and much easier to follow. You will find there my very limited edition cat t – shirts. I will be adding more goodies soon. The link to Comfy Cat tees is now at the  top of the column on the right.

And finally – my fitness report for the day.  Very sad – I have to admit that I have done very little exercise because I am still sick. Soon I will be better and will make up for it. If you want some ideas  for new exercises have  a look at my friend Vonnie’s page. Her video today is called “Inverting the Body”. Does she mean headstands? You will have to go and have a look to find out!

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