fitness report

I have to say that I am absolutely exhausted. This morning I walked to the gym, did 2km on the treadmill (mostly on 6.2 kph) and then joined the new class CXWORX. It might be only a short class, 30mins, but wow! At the time I thought, this is so much like Pilates – more of the same – which is good.  By the time I started walking up the hill to go home I realised that this class is certainly not a class for wimps! Nothing easy about it. And I am hooked. I just won’t plan to do anything very energetic on Monday afternoons for a while.

It is basically an abs class, following pilates principles, but faster and no breaks.  None of those lovely stretches  we look forward too. We did use fit bands though – those long elasticised bands.

The bands

The only thing lacking in the class for me was the lack of stretches. I guess I will have to use some self discipline and stay behind to do those by myself.

So another day and I am still at it. Having to report on my exercise here is really giving me an incentive to get fit. I hope it is working for you.

10 thoughts on “fitness report

  1. I did it! The wieghts came out, off I went, OK only 20 minutes and then stretching but a start. I moved house in January and my fitness equipment has been sitting there in the closet. So, tomorrow it's going to be a double set and then a brisk walk. Going to get started earlier. Thanks Lori, you might be a long way away but all it needs is a bit of a push :)Margo

  2. Margo that is such good news. 20 mins is good. EVen just getting the fitness equipment out is good. Enjoy your weights and walk tomorrow. We are pushing each other!

  3. Hi. Well here I am I hope. I have to lose some weight, by starting to walk for half an hour. Doctors orders. My blood pressure is up again and the middle age spread has reared its ugly head.Hopefully I will have someone to walk with tomorrow.

  4. Welcome Yolande 🙂 I have found just by having to write it up here makes me do something! And then it will become a habit. I am good at habits – bad ones and good. I just need something to steer me along and make me do it for a while until it does become a habit. I agree- it is good having someone to walk with – you feel you can't let that person down and little things don't get in the way and make you cancel. But alone can be good too -listening to music or just thinking. Or not thinking. Enjoy your walk today!

  5. Here I go, decided to get up from the computer and just do a bit of stretching, used to do this, goodness know why I stopped. Big strethches and a bit of balancing. One I really like: I lean against the wall, making sure the back of my head touches it and then I hold, amazing how it feel strange just to be standing up straight!

  6. Thanks for the link Lori. I'm taking myself out brisk walking this afternoon with wrist weights. I'm going to get to know the bands a bit better. This is fun!!

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