9 thoughts on “It’s Bloctobercise!

  1. That sounds like hard work. I have always been scared to do it – being in a little room (as it is at my gym) and not being able to make an easy escape if I can't do it or hate it. Maybe I will think about doing it…And now there are three of us. Margo (her comment is on the bay run post), at the Gold Coast is the other.

  2. What a coincidence – on Sunday Amy and I decided to have a challenge to encourage each other to exercise more! To start off with we're going to do 4 things each week, as somedays it's just not possible to fit anything else in.Today I start my first thing for this week! I'll let you know how I go!

  3. That is a coincidence Tess! Yes, keep us informed. Four things each weeks sounds pretty realistic. And I think just recording (and sharing it) helps a lot no matter how often you plan to do it. Blogtoberfest has been very good for me so far -making me post everyday (so hard) and now trying to exercise more. And I heard about it on your site!

  4. Well, did a double walk with wrist weights yesterday, I can feel it too, about 30 minutes. Getting there. I have a good friend, Trish who wants to join us. Should I put you in contact with her Lori?

  5. Tess and Margo that is very impressive. Especially the two hour bike ride. Must have been a scene ride too in the mountains? I have some catching up to do – still have bronchitis- can't even laugh so I can't imagine what a long walk would do. But I am still motivated – just a frustrating pause. It is fun to hear what everyone else is doing.Margo- ask your friend to say hello here! She could "join" to and become a "follower" if she wants 🙂

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