Bay Run (but I walk)

Blogtoberfest is fantastic! On the day I joined I decided it would not only be a commitment to post everyday but also a promise to myself to make a start at getting fit. Some days I failed but today? Yaaaayyy! I walked the Bay Run again -first time in about two months. Perhaps it is the beginning of regular weekend walks around the bay?

And let’s see if I can start the early (early-ish?) morning walk. I will aim for a shorter 2km walk across the bridge. The view is beautiful from the bridge just after sunrise.

I have made a collage from a collection of photographs I found on the net. Next week I hope to add my own photographs.

Bay Run, Sydney. The route and some sights (collage by me but not photos)

2 thoughts on “Bay Run (but I walk)

  1. Great! What exercise do you plan to do tomorrow? Or this evening? A walk? A swim? Don't commit yourself yet – let us (all the followers ha ha ) know after you have done it. You could get someone to take your picture too maybe. And I could post it!

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