Back to fitness

Today has been a success – from a fitness point of view. I walked to the gym (only 1 km), joined in a Body Attack class. I was hot and tired and did it badly – but I did it! I used to do Body Attack several times a week – last year, before I hurt my back. It feels good to be slowly getting back into it. Bit by bit, but that’s ok.

During a  break in Attack I noticed Michelle (trainer in Biggest Loser Australia) beside me. I asked her if I would get skinny again just by looking at her!  And told her about the reason for my absence  and subsequent weight gain.  Her response was that it is great that I was back at it. She’s right.  It is so easy to get out of good habits. And easy to get back into bad ones – like chocolate! Michelle inspires me – both at the gym and on The Biggest Loser. Can’t wait for that show to  start again. They must be about to begin filming. I wonder if it is going to be filmed at Manly again?

Then it was straight into Pilates with Peter, always hard work but always fun too. We did lots of stretches, hundreds, scissors and other amazing things. Below is a sample.

                            The pilates hundred is a classic exercise that targets abdominal endurance 

On my way back home I rewarded myself with the most beautiful bunch of roses from Rozelle Market.  A non food reward too!
My Roses_1
My Roses_2

Lunch was healthy – rivita crispbread and cottage cheese followed by stewed apple with yoghurt and strawberries on top! Yum. I thought I had done pretty well for the day, that is until Graham (my husband) asked if we were walking, with an expectant tone of voice. Not so long ago it was a regular thing – the Bay Walk, which is about 7kms. Today we only did about 4km – but once again, it is a start. It is the first time in a few months. Blame the rain? Soon  I  will be feeling on top of the world!  I never would have believed this ten years ago, but exercise does make you feel great!

View from my sunroom -we walked across the bridge (right) and  past the boat shed  on the far left

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