Wirraway Graphics – progress

What a commitment this is – to post every day! All I can write about is Photoshop! I love using Photoshop but not so good for the eyes. I have been asked to make some pendants featuring the “Wirraway” aeroplane. I posted a while ago about my father giving me some wood for my jewellery making. One of my followers has an interesting family connection to Wirraways. If you are curious, you can find the post under “Jewellery” -yes, I know, probably should be under “Wirraway”. I have collected an assortment of photos of the aeroplane, not to mention models as well. It is amazing how many aeroplane enthusiasts there are out there. I wonder how many of them are women?

I have chosen two photographs to work with. The first is an old photo of the cockpit.  It is my  starting point for a design for a younger “out-there” sort of person. 

Wirraway Cockpitt. 1945

Graphic by LorikArt
With this one I am trying to appeal to a more conservative taste. The photograph shows the plane at  the RAAF Association Aviation Heritage Museum, WA.
A20-688 Wirraway. Aviation Association of WA Inc Photo: David Eyre
Graphic by LorikArt

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