Pilates Plus

I made up for yesterday- I had a long walk and then visited the gym. At the gym I did some weights, a couple of machines (don’t know what they are called) and my favourite Pilates class. We have an amazing teacher named Peter, who pushes and pushes but makes us laugh too.

Me, again


I have to admit I came home very tired and went to bed early to get my daily dose of Scandinavian crime fiction – “The Quarry” by Johan Theorin. So far I am enjoying it – no murders yet but lots of ice (the Baltic is frozen over) and even some hints of the presence of trolls and elves! I so much want to visit Sweden – one day.

And now I will “come clean” about these photos. They were taken last year and I am now 5 kgs heavier! My friend  Vonnie was the photographer. As you can see, I photographed her too. Then we went for coffee after a “hard morning’s work at the gym”.



She has since become a certified Personal Trainer. You can visit her at http://www.fitfabover50.blogspot.com/

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