My very first Blogtober Giveaway

I will be giving away one of my brooches for my first Blogtober giveaway. The winner can choose either a lion brooch or a protea flower brooch.

All the brooches began as photographs which I took on family outings. The lion pictures were taken at Taronga Park Zoo. I love the zoo – but I do feel sorry for the animals sometimes. I just tell myself that are very well looked after and safe from predators. A lazy but nice life. Soon I will take my little grandson, Matthew, who is now 18 months old. I still remember my son’s first visit to the zoo- he was a tiny baby in a pram and was a little startled when he heard the roar of a lion below! What an experience for him!
The proteas pictures were taken at Mt Tomah in the Blue Mountains, near Sydney. A great place to have a picnic and enjoy peace and quiet. I also got carried away photographing the carnivorous plants – which inspired me later in my painting.
I will draw the winner next Friday. All you have to do is leave a comment. Don’t forget to leave a way for me to contact you. There is a link to my email to the right.

I should also report on the outcome of my fitness resolution yesterday. I didn’t actually get to pilates or the treadmill- the temptation to mind my grandson was too great. Nevermind, I will go to the pilates class tonight.

14 thoughts on “My very first Blogtober Giveaway

  1. adorable!!! i'd love to win the lion brooch! :Dhope you can check our my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! i am also hosting a super rad giveaway!xo

  2. Love your work Lori and really looking forward to the commision work for my family for Christmas. They are all excited that each of us will have something to wear that will remind each of us of Dad. Pretty unique hey!Margo

  3. Thank you for your generosity and the chance to participate in your giveaway! Please visit my blog and leave a comment to add you to my drawing :)Greetings from Mexico and happy blog hopping!

  4. Hi Lori,Congrats on your blog. Love your jewellry and cats as well. I hope I can lose some weight before summer in order to get my Cat tee from your store.Good luck!!Silvia

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