It is Blogtoberfest!

It is Blogtoberfest! And I have just joined in the fun. A time to discover all those other fantastic blogs out there. And I can have the Blogtoberfest logo – such a kaleidoschope of colour.

Blogtoberfest means I post every day. I guess that means I have to do something interesting every day – or at least something fun. Sounds good to me so far.
I am going make another commitment -to myself. It is going to be get fit month. Pilates three times a week is good. But I need cardio to get rid of the kilos. I also need NO CAKE (maybe just a little one with my father?!) – to get rid of the kilos. And, a slightly easier one, no carbs at my evening meal.
So what have I done today so far? Breakfast – oats with banana, apple, pear and strawberries. Quite a lot -but no milk or added sugar. Good so far. And of course coffee – with skim milk.
Next – to the gym. I usually do pilates today – and I will do so again. But this time I will go earlier and to 30 mins on the treadmill. Almost time to go….
I didn’t start quite as well as yesterday. Yesterday I set off with a friend at 5.30 am (yes it is still dark then!!) for a walk. I spent the day recovering from lack of sleep. That plan is on hold for a couple of weeks (blame daylight saving adjustment). But then again…yesterday I wasn’t part of Blogtoberfest….

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