Wirraway Wood and Manly

Manly Ocean Pool at Sunrise-Earrings


These earrings are the result of my father’s unusual find, the Wirraway wood (see previous post),  and one of my  early morning walks at Manly.

I took  these photos  at sunrise while walking between the  main beach and the beautiful Shelley Beach.

Sunrise 1-Fairy Bower Ocean Pool, Manly
Sunrise 2-Fairy Bower Ocean Pool, Manly

2 thoughts on “Wirraway Wood and Manly

  1. Hi LoriThis is amazing, my late Dad worked on the Wirraway during the war in Melbourne. What a small and woven world we live in! I'm hoping that you still have some of the timber because I'd love to commission you to do pieces for my sister and neices for Christmas as well as one for me. That way, we'd each have something to remember Dad. So, my sister is pretty conservative as is my eldest neice. The oyungest is just totally out there. Just remarkable and wonderful. Could you convey my story about my Dad to yours.

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