My pendant – link with aviation history

The wood used in this lion eye pendant has an interesting history.

As a young man living near Bankstown Aerodrome my father collected some discarded plywood that was left over from the building of Wirraway aeroplanes in the late 1930’s. He kept it in his shed all these years (he is about to turn 90) until finally he gave it to me to use in my jewellery making.
The story of Wirraways is a tragic one. They were built as airforce trainers – not as combat aircraft. But in early 1942 there were hardly any military aircraft in Australia so they sent some twenty of these Wirraways to Broome in north western Australia. When Broome was attacked by about a hundred Japanese planes, launched from aircraft carriers, the Wirraways took off to oppose them. All the Wirraways were shot down and most of the crew were killed.
RAAF:Commonwealth Aircraft CA-1 Wirraway

My father, Vic

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